Contact.Hi Seth,    Halo my name is Buzz.  BBC world has a voice.

Thank you for (like) I forgot about my word press blog!  good to hear from you, I then looked at your brilliant Green Living Guy page like it hope to listen to your radio show later.   We have just had an election the old guard voted back no surprise as toxic owns the press, more of the same  G.D.P fossil fuel capitalism feeding corrupted TOXIC banking.    Hear in the UK as with the rest of the world we have a few people sick of the propaganda fed Toxic system if we all could get a big vice? BBC tv show? financial  backing I am shore there is a billionaire who thinks like us?    Good time to offer some new fair systems we all benefit from?  Buzz off TOXIC what do you think BBC tv show? as  I think there my be a few people interested in BBC especially BBC Wales?   I wish to put together a presentation for a hard hitting empowering  yet fun satirical look at toxic end of the world or clean save our world tv show,  common bond globally we all share! we thrive with clean green local energy, social media people environment first.

If you or if you know people who would like a connection to Wales UK, willing to  help with a presentation to the BBC, a higher profile would help end TOXIC power, we need a voice BBC  public broadcasting not connected to advertising!  Look forward hearing from you all the best buzz off TOXIC tv show.

Thank you for your time Buzz      ps the i8 looks cool.


About Buzz off TOXIC

Buzz off TOXIC oil banking arms war law. Save the world we all know why our global system is a mess we give power to the greediest most destructive of people. Save the world TV show you want to take part e Buzz at or 01348874922 non-profit Us-energy Ltd trust set up 2007.. Thank you LOVE FROM BUZZ.
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