Electric cars are cool

Saw your clip today about electric cars and inspired me to write my first blog ! My name is Buzz Knapp-Fisher I live in Wales UK   I have a deep commitment to our planet and so sad to see how miss managed it is.    I am creative artist and Dyslexic.

We are getting off toxic oil and wish to help others to kick the habit.   War and debt always toxic oil is there I think I live very well with out it I think we all would benefit with out hydrocarbons,  we live a myth we do live on a energy ball I believe FREE ENERGY is all around just need to set up a new system!!!

Why is it so hard to dislodge the hydrocarbon burning built-in obsolescence fashion statement  the motor car of today.      The oil industry and car industry have too much at stake with profit at risk or in the case of crud toxic oil profit wiped out.    If a practical long range durable long lived e.v with energy sourced locally came to realisation.   The world is crying out for such a change of fuel technology yet the oil company own all patient ….  That is why we run a 1974 e.v on sun and wind power.  Just think what we could do if we had the truth and stopped the suppression of ideas and technology to protect invested interests.  We can no longer live the lie…..


About Buzz off TOXIC

Buzz off TOXIC oil banking arms war law. Save the world we all know why our global system is a mess we give power to the greediest most destructive of people. Save the world TV show you want to take part e Buzz at us-energy@phonecoop.coop or 01348874922 non-profit Us-energy Ltd trust set up 2007.. Thank you LOVE FROM BUZZ.
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