Electric cars are flexible

Electric cars are flexible and very efficient they do run on mainly coal for now yes but (coal is still cleaner than Toxic diesel/gas/petrol in a car if you include the embodied energy, crud is more TOXIC than dirty coal!) One big difference we run our light 1974 ev on the sun and wind. Try doing that with a disposable new car running toxic oil!!! the oil and car company’s like people not think, thinking costs them $$$$$, so what do you think?


About Buzz off TOXIC

Buzz off TOXIC oil banking arms war law. Save the world we all know why our global system is a mess we give power to the greediest most destructive of people. Save the world TV show you want to take part e Buzz at us-energy@phonecoop.coop or 01348874922 non-profit Us-energy Ltd trust set up 2007.. Thank you LOVE FROM BUZZ.
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